Director// Samuel burton

Samuel Burton is a podcast junkie and senior at BYU studying media arts and teaching introductory-level film classes. He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and loves hiking, skiing, backpacking, and storytelling in its various forms. He plans to continue studying and participating in storytelling through podcasting and other forms of media in coming years and throughout his life.

producer// Abi nielson hunsaker

Abi Nielson Hunsaker graduated from BYU in Media Arts and is now working full time as a producer for local film production company, Pizza Man Films. She has experience in production design, sound mixing, editing, and documentary producing and directing, as well as new media creations like podcasts. Sci-fi is her favorite genre because she sees it as an opportunity to talk about current issues and give a platform to marginalized groups, while simultaneously being a whole lot of fun to experience. 

Assistant Producer// Devin Sudweeks

Devin Sudweeks recently graduated from BYU with a B.A. in media arts studies and a minor in anthropology. He is a designer and new and experimental media creator.

editor// Jared Richardson

Jared Richardson is an Audio Engineer with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts. He's worked as a post-production sound designer and mixer on many films and other media, including the animated short film Grendel and several of the newest videos on the hit YouTube channel Studio C. He enjoys spending time with his wife, picking up freelance audio jobs, and collaborating with his brother Marcus on a host of podcasts and other projects.

composer// Marcus Richardson

Marcus Richardson is a student at Brigham Young University currently studying music and communications. He has composed music for several other BYU projects including the video game Avast Ye, documentary Pheo, and youtube series How Can I Help?. He is flattered that you're reading a bio about him right now and he hopes you have a wonderful day.

writer// elena Frances Bender

Elena Frances Bender is a Senior at BYU in the Media Arts Program. Her focus is on critical studies of film, and New Media. She believes in the power of story telling to open up perspectives beyond our own. She is a strong advocate for teaching Media literacy, and does so as a student teacher in multiple classes across campus. 

writer// Hannah Hansen

Hannah Hansen currently works as a freelance producer and editor specializing in documentary, commercial and corporate media. Focusing her study in documentary and screenwriting, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and a minor in Communications from Brigham Young University. Hannah is an avid conversationalist, loves the outdoors, exploration, the individual and discovering the many stories that reside in the lives of those around her.

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